EDUCATION GOAL #1: Assure access to extracurricular services and programming (pre-K through post-secondary) that prepare disadvantaged students to learn and enhance academic and life skills achievements to promote the next level of development.

Illustrative grants: Family Futures – Appropriate child development tracking and parent coaching; Grand Rapids Community College Foundation – Support and mentoring for Latino students; Girl Scouts Shore to Shore – STEM and outdoor learning experiences; Student Advancement Foundation – Teach for the Watershed.

EDUCATION GOAL #2: Support effective strategies for involvement by adult care-givers and mentors in children’s education, especially in public schools with diverse student populations.

Illustrative grants: Roosevelt Park Ministries – English language literacy program for adult learners; Literacy Center of West Michigan – Strengthen reading and language level of parents and increase the number of literacy activities in the home.

Stories about the Wege Foundation's commitment to Education