Community Service

COMMUNITY SERVICE GOAL #1: Assure emergency and continuing compassionate support during disruptive life experiences such as spouse/partner/child abuse, homelessness, joblessness and substance abuse. 

Illustrative grants: HOAP Inc. – Teen mom and children support program; Family Promise – Support that provides resources to avoid homelessness; Guiding Light Mission – Shelter for homeless population that includes health screenings, immunizations and employment support.

COMMUNITY SERVICE GOAL #2: Advance equity of economic opportunities for marginalized individuals, including support for entrepreneurship and businesses led by individuals of color.

Illustrative grants: Ferris Foundation – Mentorship entrepreneur program to help Latinos support successful businesses;GROW – Training and education for women to start, grow and expand their businesses; Micah Center – Leadership and organizing training for low wage workers, food processing and farm workers to recoup lost wages.

Stories about the Wege Foundation's Commitment to Community Service